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Eggdrop is the world's most popular open source Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot. Originally created by Robey Pointer in December 1993 for use on a channel called #gayteen, it has spawned an almost cult like following of users.
It is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon (using Tcl scripting) by both novice and advanced IRC users on a variety of hardware and software platforms.

Eggdrop is freely available for anyone to copy, distribute and/or modify under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

You can find the latest version of Eggdrop in our Downloads section.

Some features of Eggdrop:

  • Designed to run on Linux, *BSD, SunOs, Windows, Mac OS X, etc ...
  • Extendable with Tcl scripts and/or C modules
  • Support for the big five IRC networks ( Undernet, DALnet, EFnet, IRCnet, and QuakeNet)
  • The ability to form botnets and share partylines and userfiles between bots

Some benefits of Eggdrop:

  • The oldest IRC bot still in active development (Eggdrop was created in 1993)
  • Established IRC help channels and web sites dedicated to Eggdrop
  • Countless premade Tcl scripts and C modules
  • Best of all ... It's FREE!