Weird Messages That Get Logged

Shown below are some messages that Eggdrop might log from time to time that may seem a bit strange and have meanings which may not be obvious

(!) timer drift -- spun N minutes

This is caused by one of several known things...

(!) killmember(Nickname) -> nonexistant

We have yet to track this down. It's a mildly bad thing, however. It means the bot just got informed by the server that someone left the channel -- but the bot has no record of that person ever being ON the channel. had some insight into this one:

This is not an Eggdrop bug, at least not most of the time. This is a bug in all but perhaps the very latest ircd systems. It's not uncommon during netsplits and other joins for the server to lose track of killed or collided join notices. Also, in some servers, it is possible to specify non-standard characters, such as carret symbols, which get falsely interpreted as capital letters.

When converted to lowercase, these symbols fail to get processed, and joins are not reported, although parts are.

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